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Chasing African Sunsets

Where Wellness and Sunsets Converge

This Is Our Story

Experience the radiant beauty of Africa through curated sunset viewpoints, where holistic wellness meets nature's splendor. Our vision is to intertwine Africa's natural grandeur with transformative wellness journeys, offering empowerment, inspiration, and hope to every horizon.

We're dedicated to spotlighting the unparalleled beauty of African sunsets while fostering holistic wellness and mental well-being across all 54 African countries. Through curated sunset viewpoints, interactive wellness experiences, and sustainable operations, we aim to be a beacon of hope, empowerment, and transformation for individuals and communities alike.

Africa faces multifaceted challenges that can be addressed through innovative and affordable wellness solutions, promoting a healthier and empowered continent.

Victim Mentality

Challenge: Pervasive feelings of powerlessness and external attribution can hinder personal and communal growth.


Solution: Empower individuals with wellness tools that foster internal locus of control, boosting self-confidence and proactive behavior.

Limited Awareness

Challenge: Many regions lack awareness about or access to holistic wellness resources.


Solution: Leverage technology and local partnerships to expand reach, ensuring wellness initiatives touch even the most remote areas.

Economic Inequalities

Challenge: Limited access to wellness and healthcare due to economic disparities.


Solution: Implement scalable and affordable wellness solutions, ensuring that all segments of society can benefit.

Our Locations


Our solution involves strategically placing wellness havens within containers across Africa, combining stunning sunset viewpoints with holistic wellness experiences.


These containers offer transformative well-being through products, clean eating education, yoga, and meditation, while also celebrating local artisans and fostering Pan-African unity.


This innovative concept creates a continent-wide network that empowers individuals, supports local economies, and cultivates a sense of unity and transformation.


Africa has her mysteries and even a wise man cannot understand them. But a wise man respects them.

Miriam Makeba

(South African singer and civil rights activist)

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